Many customers approach us when they are hoping to replace a traditional bathtub because it is no longer easily accessible for them or a family member. Whether it’s related to illness, injury, or aging, many people are looking for options to maintain independence at home while still bathing safely.

If you or someone you know is at the point where getting in and out of the bathtub is becoming too difficult, here are our suggestions for the best bathroom accessibility options and safety upgrades.

Walk-in Shower
Converting your tub into a walk-in shower with a very low threshold, or a wheelchair accessible shower that allows you to roll into it are both great options that allow you to continue bathing yourself without worrying about falling while stepping in and out. In addition, our bathroom products are made with a special non-slip bottom for even more protection.

Walk-in Tub
Walk-in tubs allow a person to take a normal bath without stepping in and out of the tub. These tubs have a door that opens to allow you step right into the tub, sit as if you were in a chair,and bathe yourself. These tubs are made with a quick drain pump that drains the water in less than two minutes, allowing you to quickly exit the tub. With a variety of tub sizes, each with multiple door sizes, we are able to find the perfect fit for each person. In addition, they can include heated air vents, massaging jets, and an automatic cleaning system. In addition to their safety features, these tubs are perfect for anyone suffering from poor circulation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle stiffness, and joint pain.