At Thiel’s Home Solutions, we’re proud to be different than most other home improvement companies in the area—and we don’t just mean due to our 50+ years of experience! Compared to run-of-the-mill home contractors, we stand out in two important ways:

  1. We’re a locally owned business.

  2. We’re committed to American-made products.

Read on to find out exactly why these two distinctions matter so much—both to us and to our valued customers like you!

The Difference of Local Contractors 

For something as significant as your home, you can’t afford to take a gamble on who you hire—and local businesses significantly reduce that risk. Unlike a big-box store or distant nationwide company, local businesses like Thiel’s have a real stake in the community you call home. After all, it’s our home, too!

By hiring local remodelers for energy-efficient replacement windows or other home renovations, you can take advantage of:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Outside contractors simply can’t understand your neighborhood like a local can. We understand the history, neighborhoods, common construction styles, climate conditions, and other little details that matter to a successful home improvement.
  • First-Hand Referrals: Word-of-mouth is one of the biggest and most reliable indicators of quality for a home improvement company. By choosing local, you’ll be able to speak with your friends and neighbors to get their trusted opinions.
  • Peace of Mind: Hire a local business with a long company history, and you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll be around to back up your lifetime warranty. You can rest assured that if and when you need something, they’ll be right there.

The Difference of American-Made Products

Beyond the expertise of local contractors, choosing American-made products is another way to guarantee the success of your next home improvement—whether it’s replacement windows, entry doors, bathroom remodeling, or kitchen cabinet refacing

Here’s why that “Made in USA” stamp is so important:

  • You’ll help create jobs in the United States and in your own community.
  • You’ll encourage American innovation and self-sufficiency.
  • You’ll support fair labor practices and be able to know where the products in your home actually came from.
  • You’ll cut down on environmental damage due to transport and shipping.
  • You’ll get a high-quality product from a manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners on production costs.

All of these American-made benefits add up to a home improvement that’s simply superior! Combined with the knowledge of a local company, you’ll be able to have confidence in the safety and quality of your family’s beloved home.

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At Thiel’s Home Solutions, we recognize that your home is your family’s greatest investment, and we’ll leverage our local staff and USA-made products to help you protect, beautify, and enjoy that investment for decades to come. To experience our five-star local difference for yourself, give us a call or complete our quick online form today!