One of the most important aspects of a home improvement plan is finding a contractor that offers an excellent warranty on their work and products. A home improvement warranty can help to protect your investment for years after your project is finished in the event that there is a defect in the installation, workmanship, or materials. 

Using a professional home improvement company such as Thiel’s Home Solutions will ensure that you are getting the best service in the industry and the best warranty options along with it. Today, we are going to look at what exactly a home improvement is and what type of projects are covered by them.

What Is a Home Improvement Warranty?

Home improvement warranties are used by home remodelers to protect homeowners from defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty serves as a way for homeowners to protect their investment into their home, while also representing the confidence that the contractors have in their products and services.The type of warranty will vary from company to company, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions of any contract before going forward with it.. Some types of warranties cover homeowners for a lifetime, while others are a limited lifetime (or pro-rated, scaling down coverage over a period of time). Some can be transferrable to new owners should you sell your home, while others are not. Others can be good for just a number of years, usually 10, 20, or even 50 years—and might be transferrable, pro-rated, or both. 

What Are the Different Warranty Options?

There are usually two types of warranties that come with a home improvement plan: the manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in the products and materials purchased, and the installer’s warranty covering defects in the installation. Here’s a quick guide to learning more about both.

  • Parts: A warranty on the parts that you are receiving with your home improvement cover workmanship and materials of the actual part being installed. This will vary from brand to brand unless it is a part manufactured by the contractor.
  • Labor: A labor warranty will cover the actual installation of the products and materials used in the remodeling project. This will protect you from the workmanship of the installation process. In other words, should anything go wrong with your renovation after it’s installed due to faulty workmanship or installation methods, your labor warranty should cover it.

What Type of Projects Are Covered?

In general, all types of home remodeling projects are potentially covered by some type of warranty. Even do-it-yourself projects usually have parts warranties covered by the manufacturer of the materials you’re using. Here are some of the projects covered by warranty options at Thiel’s Home Solutions:

  • Kitchens: Thiel’s Home Solutions offers many different kitchen remodeling services such as cabinet refacing and cabinet building. Having a warranty to protect your large investment in cabinets is always a good idea.
  • Bathrooms: Warranties for remodeling bathrooms consist of both labor and parts warranties. Warranty coverage will include product installation, electrical installations, and plumbing work, so making sure you have both parts and labor warranties established is highly recommended.
  • Windows: As one of Thiel’s Home Solutions’ premier services, one of our most requested services is window replacement and new window installation. We’re proud to offer excellent warranties on all of our window products and installations to protect the investment of our customers.
  • Doors: Door replacement is another popular home improvement project at Thiel’s Home Solutions. Door warranties cover door materials and workmanship, covering your investment should anything go wrong with either during the period of coverage.

Home Improvement Services in Ashland, Ohio

For over 45 years, Thiel’s Home Solutions has been servicing the Ashland, Ohio area with the highest level of customer service and home improvement solutions in the industry. From window replacement and door installations, to kitchen remodeling and bathroom transformations, our customer-first policies, including accessible payment options and no-worry warranty programs ensure that your next remodeling project is easy and stress-free. 

To learn more about our warranty programs at Thiel’s Home Solutions, or to hear details about our products and services, give or team a call to speak with a home remodeling expert today. Or, if you’d like to schedule a free, no-obligation pricing estimate and consultation in your home, fill out our online form.