If you’re undergoing a bath or shower remodel, now is the time to add personalization. Custom bathroom renovations can get costly, and little features can add up to a big budget. Still, there are ways to add a personal touch without breaking the bank. Adding some patterns to your bath and shower walls is a cost-effective way to make a bold statement.

Add Simulated Tile

Bath Walls don’t have to be boring, flat, or all-white. Many bathroom remodelers offer simulated tile wall surrounds. These options have different patterns, styling, and color combinations that you can mix and match for customization.

When you opt for a simulated tile bath wall surround, it is a cost-effective choice and adds other benefits too. An acrylic wall surround is non-porous, unlike grout, making it easier to clean and maintain. There’s no scrubbing involved; you simply wipe the wall down.

Use an Accent Trim

Consider adding accent trim if you’re going for an elegant statement with an eye-catching ability. Accent trim can be added as a stand-alone option or complement your simulated tile surround.

Mixed geometrical patterns from simulated tile and trim are a great way to enhance style. The trim can be added to a smooth wall surround for a bit of dimension. It can also be applied permanently to patterned bath walls.

Don’t Forget The Other Walls in Your Bathroom

Designing your new bathroom can be an exciting journey. It’s a blank canvas to pour out your personality, but don’t forget about the whole room. Your walls can also draw attention both pleasingly or boringly.

Wainscoting a wall is an easy way to upgrade your remodeling project. It’s a little feature that makes a significant impact. Decorative pattern and trim applied to the lower portion of your walls can make the whole room feel cozier.

Love Coming Home!

Incorporating small changes in design during a bathroom remodel can make a big impression. Play with patterns, accents, and additional features during the designing phase for a completely customized look. Hiring an experienced bathroom remodeler will make all the difference in the world. Thiel’s Home Solutions is a reputable bathroom remodeling company with more than 50 years of proven experience. Request your free quote today!